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Selling on the weekly market

In Thailand, we encourage farmer families to continue visiting their weekly markets, because they generate freedom, life quality, diversity and indepence for these families.

Of course, we go selling on weekly markets as well, in Vienna. And we would really miss all the people there, if stopped coming.


Yes, you can buy our coconut oil waste free on the weekly markets listed below. You just bring an empty jar an refill it at the hygienic tap.


Photo: Himapan at the Karmelitermarkt

Saturdays, from 8 to 12:30 we are happy to see you on the Karmelitermarkt, one of Vienna’s oldest markets.

Liesinger Frischemarkt

Photo: At the Liesinger Frischemarkt

From March until December, we are on the Liesinger Frischemarkt every Friday from 8 to 17, Liesinger Hauptplatz, 1230 Wien-Liesing

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