Why Himapan?

Our mission, approach and values

Our Mission

  • The best coconut oil, which can be made in an ethical way

    Qualit├Ąt yes, but not at all costs

  • Restore natural habitat. For nature and humanity.

    Reason number 1 why earths species diversity is rapidly diminishing is loss of habitat this also affects humanity


    Technology, materials, even whole civilisations just need the right conditions and they can be constructed from all over new again. But an extinct species will never return to it's original state again. For 30 more than years now, each day innumerable species disappear forever. A loss that is beyond measure.

    Keystone to solution is restoring natural habitat, even before limiting the effects of climate change. This safes the day for humanity as well. Because a complete breakdown of the food chain is eminent at a certain point of remaining species diversity. Furthermore, high levels of available natural habitat create a quality of life for humanity which cannot be recreated by technology in longterm. The reason is, that human nature with all it's needs is still organic and not technological.

    We are sure, that humans peace of mind needs for some part the presence of an intact environment, which includes also worthwhile interactions with it. This seems to be especially valid for still developing children. Humanity needs living reference points to get a feel for earths and it's own reality.

  • Making globalisation to what it should be: An improvement for all

    When buying food from local suppliers is more or less the only shopping behaviour that changes while other material goods and services are bought conventionally, nothing will change. It can even make for the worse.


    At the latest, we realised that globalisation not only creates peace and prosperity when we learned how shoes are produced in Bangladesh or understood the meaning of 'conflict minerals',
    Some even use the word 'neo-imperialism'. After all, this global economy has allowed an unprecedented accumulation of wealth: Only 85 people own more than 50% of the worlds population alltogether. How did this become possible?
    It is a simple approach that those with power to decide move all costs outside to outsiders somewhere in the world or at the bottom of the 'salary-chain' while profits are all brought in to be shared with as few as possible. This system has been improved so well, that there are mass products available for a few cents generating millions of income while in the same time, huge economical, social and environmental costs are caused by the same product hidden in the background. It could be pollution of waters somewhere in asia or eliminating all jobs in a whole sector on a whole continent. It all has happened.

  • Freedom

    In society, nothing happens without intent which means that currently, we are strongly required to make more positive contributions.


    In the past, countless have fought with their lives at stake for achievements that help to provide the same rights for everyone. Nowadays, some seem to be trying to quietly abolish these important milestones of human civilisation. People seem to have forgotten where their freedom came from and therefore, not see any necessity for defending these important values.

    We believe that from the start, everyone needs to have the same chances for the pursuit of happiness, as long their actions allow others, including nature, to do the same.

Our values

  • Common good

    Wir are creating future desirable for all.

  • Impact-aware globalisation

    That's how we feel ourselves responsible for our affluent society.


    Slowly, people start to realise on whose expenses our present system generates wealth. By internalising profits and externalising costs to inferiors in terms of financial power. An understandable reaction is thought to be the new popularity for local food. What can be wrong with that?

    1. When asking people, bying local is mostly related to food while other product groups like tools or energy sources for example are still bought from global sources. This pattern could contribute to global imbalance even more: While being made dependent on our exports, for example sophisticated projects like powerplants or financial services, food is the generally one of the few renewable resources which poorly developed countries can sell us back. So if we don't by food from these countries they just have to buy and buy from us, which pushes more money to us and even less can flow back to them. The greater imbalances like this one are, the more money can be genereted in the west and so on.

    2. Bying local doesn't change things at root, it only reduces symptoms.
    Global relationships cannot easily undone without giving up most of our comfort: Computers, medical treatments, Energy, many highly specialised tools. Even social events would be at stake like world championships, olympics or world tour concerts.
    At heart lies the simple fact that our economic growth depends questionable global practices. Although, global trade could be easily changed in a way where social, financial and ecological benefits would soon be perceivable. Not only in poor regions of the worlds, but slowly in rich countries, as well. Deep inside, people feel that something is wrong about our economy. This can be ignored, but drains energy the longer it goes. A wasted power could provide us with a whole new feel of life if set free.

    Our world can work together as one healthy organism that is why we bring us in.

  • Transparency

    Instead of Copyrights and company secrets we have something better: Real Facts


    Customers and companies as well are invited to take a closer look at our company, investigate and we are even happy if someone decides to copy what we are doing.
    Our aim is that everything we do is verifiable and traceable, which of course is not always possible. According to the motto: "Come and see" If any company really duplicates our approach, by design it becomes a valuable partner, even if it is in the same sector. Once experienced, the potential which exponentiates when joining forces can become very magnetic for entrepreneurs. If goals and ideals are really very contrary a different audience will be adressed over time and thus the other business will slowly move itself into another area than ours.

    Still, we might provide you with too much information. Furthermore, refining so many details into readable content can't be done perfectly. If there is any question left unanswered, please, feel free to contact us right away. We are looking forward to reading or hearing from you.

  • Modern spirit, Diversity and Tradition

    The right mixture counts


    We appreciate the diversity of all cultures, but we have to say, we stopped thinking in nationalities. Despite this, we feel very closely connected to the Kingdom of Thailand, it's people and culture.

    We feel very deeply rooted in Thail culture which includes myths and legends, the royal family, cordiality, traditional therapies, thai art but most of all buddhist philosophy.
    While many people compare it to the worlds known religions, as far as we understand it, it is nearly the opposite. Absolute faith, for example in a god, is neither denied nor encouraged because we think the buddhistic canon to be about something completely different: The true nature of self and the nature of all which could be considered non-self. While not beeing a proclamation it is rather an approach that wants to be tested. It describes what boundaries do exist and in what ways contact with the outer world can affect us.

    Last but not least, we very thankful for what we have been able to learn through the contributions of so many people from all kinds of cultures, backgrounds and different generations. If they're Thai, Buddhist, Christian, European or whatever doesn't matter as long as they strive to be earnest and good.

Our approach

Of course, customers want to buy quality for a fair price with the security that what they are going to aquire has been made in a preferably ethical way.

And that is exactly what we have. Those who love to save effort and time can even have our products delivered right to home. But being honest we have to say, that we think comfort allone won’t make the day. It is our thought that everytime something is bought the world is changed a tiny little bit. Changed to the direction of politics the respective producers of the bought products represent. Seeing the larger picture, customers changed the world into what it has become today by simply buying, buying and buying zillions of times.
That is why we are trying to inform our customers as good and as easy we can about our mission, approaches and ideals. Because our vision is a world with informed consumers that know about their power to change the world.

We do not only want to sell a product but help people to develop a better longterm-scope how the world is changed socially, economically and environmentally through buying products and giving feedbacks to companies.

For us, listening and respectful communication are the basis for healthy relationships which counts for business and shopping as well.

Main Pillars

The following is very important to us and gives us a great deal of orientation in every day life.

The five basics
  • No willful destruction or disturbance of life.
  • Just to take what is given.
  • Not to abuse sexuality and gender relations to our own advantage.
  • Constructive, earnest communication.
  • Continuous orientation towards reality-oriented simplification and clarity.
  • Modest use of ressources, consumables and consumer goods.
  • No excessive decorations and activities for indulgence if distracting from the meaningful.
  • Not too much unneeded comfort for we think that it doesn’t help feeling better in the long run.
Our essential strategy goals
  • Pure focus and good will on what is currently done.
  • Right speed, frequency and continuity.
  • Awareness, attention for the present and no hesitation in adjusting actions to it.
  • Growing relevant knowledge.


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