We are family

Every action has a motivation

Ours is to improve humanities symbiotic potential towards each other and earths life with given opportunities.

Philipp Montazem, Founder

Photo of Philipp Montazem, Founder of Himapan

The economical aspect of our company is entirely run by myself: Running the supplies, importing and the sale of our Premium Coconut Oil

But Himapan includes more than earning money and exactly with that it connects closely to a whole circle of contributing people. Main motivation of these other activieties is to find new ways interacting together with nature and it’s ressources, to pass on won knowledge and to help each other.

Here we introduce all the ones who could be called the heart of Himapan.

Uthai Chanmanee, Experience

Photo of Uthai Chanmanee

Uthai Chanmanee or Mae, which means mother in Thai, represents wisdom won in many generations of a quite mindful way live. Mindful towards society, family, elders, nature and when making use of natural resources. Knowledge which is mostly forgotten by our younger generation or which has to be redeveloped extensively.

Klinkajorn Montazem, Evaluation

Photo of Klinkajorn Montazem

Experience grows from exchange. Klinkajorn manages it yet again and again, to find new aspects to our ideas providing us with more clarity.

Elisabeth Montazem, Mother and biggest supporter

Without her Himapan definitely wouldn’t exist. As our biggest supporter, she helps where she can and is always trying to be there for us if it is possible.

Daniel Montazem, Consulting

Photo of Daniel Montazem

The experienced skipper, who leads us safely through the tough waters of finance with his advice. Beeing a smart manager, he did not only help many a companies to grow faster, but also accomplished the objectives by very humanely measures. He is and always will be an irreplecable friend.

Chinasri Chanmanee, Art & Design

Photo of Chinasri Chanmanee

Pi Chin is a respected artist in Bangkok, who has made a name for himself in traditional Thai art. With drafts and artworks made especially for us by him, he gave Himapan it’s unique style that expresses our connection to Thai tradition. Also, he has always been our great supporter in Bangkok area, helping us with so many small and big things despite beeing busy with his artjobs. Thank you!

Joran and Sorn, Development and Tests

Photo of Joran and Sorn

At Jorans place things are tested, gardened and discovered for all they are worth. The first samples of coconut oil where made at his place. Joran notes down all kind of details about herbs, powders and more and helps keeping alive all kinds of knowledge which are all, in a larger context, related to the heritage of traditional Thai medicine.

Chinagorn Chanmanee, Welfare and Education

Photo of Chinagorn Chanmanee

In the north of Thailand, Isaan, Chinagorn runs the Learning Institute For Everyone. A nonprofit organisation teaching people empowerment, how to create social and financial security with simple and affordable measures. We are looking forwart to seeing him again so that we can enjoy his company while supporting each other in the setting of some social projects of the local area.

Pronarin Chanmanee, Support

Photo of Pronarin Chanmanee

With his likeable, reliable and helpful character, Pronarin brings sunshine into our hearts whenever we see him. While not having a specific task at Himapan we find him helping us over and over again despite his very limited spare time.

Na Ampai, Khanom Garden

Photo of Na Ampai

Na Pai is a living example of inherited and applied experience. Is it general knowledge, culture or farming, it doesn’t matter. Best example is her Khanom garden: A flourishing shelter of biodiversity. We are very honored to know her, even more so being able to visit her place where we watch and learn or sometimes, just take a rest from busy life and catch breath.

Panjasin Chanmanee, Farming

Photo of Panjasin Chanmanee

Is one of the few in the family generating his main income from farming. In times, where massive farms practicing overintensive agriculture dictate the rules, his mission is more important than ever. Panjasin! We grow in numbers! And together we’ll keep the future of our local community bright.