Message from Himapan

A letter for You

Philipp im Dschungel

Thank You for Your visit, Your support and for taking a moment to read our message from Himapan.

2015, Himapan was founded to test wether bringing Thai products to the european market was realizable with a small budget and foremost, if it would add a new aspect to Thai peoples approach to sustainable farming. The goal is helping to create a new situation where farmers, relieved from the continuosly growing pressure of low world market prices could start to take longterm benefits like impact on natural or social balance more into consideration. That they would be empowered to develop indepence by themselves with the help of simple, cost-effective measures.

While we have been steadily working on the refinement of this approach, situation in Europe for small entrepreneurs hasn’t improved at all. On the one hand, government is massively supporting the founding of new small businesses, on the other hand the overall regulations and economy has developed such a strong grip that success has become a question of mere investment power.

After all, relocating packaging into eastern countries with much lower wages and the company adress to tax friendly regions like Switzerland where only 3% are charged would be a tempting solution. But this kind of approach is not an option for us, as it would zero the social benefit we are trying to have through creating dependencies, tax evasion and cementing the worlds unequal distribution of wealth. So now, it is not the challenge for the Thai farmers but for us. That is why we are planning to start a new crowdfunding campaign soon, where any kind of support is greatly welcomed, also in form of experience.

Last but not least, in longterm, more habitat for enthreatened life diversity direct on the farmland and social redistribution are definitely worth engaging for.

We wish you a clear head seeing above the worlds confusion, feet tightly staying grounded on the hard facts of life and hands that take matters into their own.

In this spirit,

Kind regards

Philipp Montazem


Vienna 2017