About Himapan

General Information

Our Vision

We strive to open a pathway for all families in Thailand enabling them to afford a fullfilled life with the help of simple, affordable and socio-ecologically friendly measures

We aim to connect, to make small groups be strong together.

Our goal is redistribution between rich an poor.

ADRESS Theodor-Storm-Weg 11
1160 Vienna, Austria
TELEFON +43 664 3842228 (local phone fees to Austria, we call back)
E-MAIL ta.napamih@fooofni oder Kontaktformular
UID AT U 69319016
FOUNDER Philipp Montazem
FOUNDED Januar 2015
WEB Deutsch: himapan.at
English: en.himapan.at
LEGAL Imprint


  • Development of methods for environmentally low impact land use in Thailand
  • Trade with raw virgin coconut oil
  • Testing trade with other foods as well
  • Presentations and workshops free of charge for farmers in Thailand
  • Active participation at the “Tauschkreis Wien” a civil neighbourly help organisation based in vienna


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