nature loves you

Quality Coconut oil setting new standards

Himapan stands vor ecosocial values

We can not live against nature, so let's live with it. Every single cent we spend includes these two possibilies.

We took a brave step and decided us for Humans and for nature. Our reward is propably the most exeptional product available:

Himapan coconut oil is made of handpicked, young coconuts and is directly cold processed, so that it easily exceeds highest demands for quality and taste.

Luckily, our oild didn't become a luxury commodity reserved for some chosen. We are proud that Himapan is affordable for everyone willing to make a new step into a world that does not divide but connect in a meaningful way.

  • 1

    1 Litre quality oil

    Needs 10 coconuts

  • 2,1

    2,1 Earths with ressources are necessary for a human couple in a full-solar low-energy house
    and going to work with public transportation

  • 100

    More than 100 years for building up a strong, healthy layer of humus soil in the tropics

    2 years of intense agriculture can convert this into barren desert soil

  • 4000

    About 4000 million years evolution until the coconut tree developed

    Last 30 years: In average all species numbers of mammals, birds, reptiles and fish are halved.
    At the brink of extinction:
    9% of all trees

    Main reason: Loss of space for habitat caused by monocultures or paving for example.

  • 1

    ... only one group that changes this

    We all


Is more than the product itself. It includes all the people and steps in the whole cycle. Beginning with preparing land for the young coconut saplings until the final moment when the oil is on the kitchen table and helps creating an incredibly resourceful and inspiring day. It all counts together.


Great care, direct fresh processing and high choosing criteria for the nuts seem to be the reason why we are having so many great feedbacks.


It is not only us who make decisions, on equal level, also the farmers, customers, family, rurals and, of course nature.


Skillful management of Projects, Procurement, Asset Mgt, Compliance, Upgrade or any other IT or business processes.


We pay farmers double the price instead of what is common here in european coconut oil business. But it also Knowledge, Experience and Rights we share.


What helps others to improve is Open Source at Himapan. For everyone, this gives the opportunity for a new height of quality. From Webcode to Farmingtechniques.


Our Oil is safe, because it is regularly tested in official laboratories, certified ORGANIC and only filled into guaranteed food-safe packings.


We invite you to enter the heritage of living thai tradition enlightening your heart and filling your soul with profundity of life.


Of course, our coconut oil is pure joy to taste. But here we are meaning the immense fun moving things forward together - everywhere. Himapan is joie de vivre!


A picture of early moring at a Thai farmland

Why Himapan?


We are oriented for the common good and create a future where not only our children want to live in but also other children somewhere in the world

We are not oriented for indefinite growth but for improvement and cooperation in every aspect of our company

Our world can work out. That's why we are not hiding behind false regionalism. We bring our part in, right now, into the world

Informed shopping is not always easy. We offer transparency in every detail, which is quite exeptional. Nevertheless, flooding people with benefit is not always of benefit. So we love to answer your questions anytime.

We hope all the worlds different cultures can be kept alive. However, we are beyond thinking in nationalities. Despite all this, we are bound to Kingdom of Thailand, it's people and culture. There, we are not just european entrepreneurs, but part of the living community, it's culture and local plans and aspirations. In Thailand is our heart.

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Pure, virgin coconut oil. Nothing else. No pesticides, no addings, no heat.
All vegan: The oil, the glue on the labels and even the pest control standards are ethically modified while still state of the art hygienic.
Only fresh, handsortet nuts which are processed within 48 hours after picking.
Our law: No worker, involved party, or executive can earn net more than double the lowest entry salary per year.
Packaging isn't in countries with lower wages, but in Vienna. Also the very environment-friendly glasses are produced in Germany.
We do not only apply the latest ecological knowledge in our farming. We also control the environmental effects. Still not in full scale, because as a small company, we don't have access to a whole team of scientists.

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Myths, Facts and new ways to sustainability

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What is important to Himapan? Here is our letter to you

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